Kids Programs


Kids 5 &6

We have classes for kids 5 &6 years old. We teach them balance and coordination through fun exercises like jumping rope and walking on a balance beam. They run, do push ups, and stretch for strength and endurance. We try to teach them basic martial arts skills ; punches , blocks , and kicks , and will take them as far as they are able to learn. Very basic self – defense is taught. We also incorporate learning of colors, shapes , counting, and the alphabet while they are doing other things. We stress self- respect, self- discipline , and courtesy as part of their training. We try to make it as fun as we can while still teaching these principles. Classes are Wed. and Fri, 5:30- 6 p.m. No contracts or testing fees are associated with this program. Call us at 314-757-0214  to schedule your free trial.

Kids 7-12

Do your kids come home from school and bury their heads in their electronic devices or TV? Give them something that can have a positive effect on them  and can carry with them for a long time. There are classes for kids 7-12. These classes stress more on those things that the little ones are doing for a longer class. In addition to those things , self defense techniques, empty hand Kata, and weapons will be taught depending on their individual ability. As they progress, free sparring is introduced. No student is required to participate in this. We have all the safety equipment they will need, unless they want to purchase their own; recommended but not necessary. The classes are longer and a bit more intense and stress the same principles as with the others. We try to make it a good positive learning environment that encourages the child to develop and grow. Call at 314-757-0214 for free trial. Classes are twice a week Tues., Wed., or Fri. 6:10 to 7:00. Also no contracts or testing fees.

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