Kids Martial Arts Classes & Training Programs

Kids Martial Arts & Karate Classes
Ages 7-12

Do your kids come home from school and bury their heads in their electronic devices or TV?

Give them something that can have a positive effect on them and can carry with them for a long time!

These martial arts classes stress more on those things that the little ones are doing for a longer class. In addition to those things, self defense techniques, empty hand Kata, and some weapons work will be taught (depending on each child’s individual skill level and abilities).

As they progress in their martial arts training, free sparring is introduced — but no student is required to participate in this.

We have and will use all of the safety equipment they will need, unless they want to purchase their own; which is recommended but not at all necessary.

These classes are longer and a bit more intense, but still stress all of the same core principles as with the younger students.

We try to make the martial arts training a good positive learning environment that encourages your child to develop and grow.

Classes are twice a week on Tues., Wed., or Fri. from 6:10 to 7:00 p.m.

No contracts or testing fees are associated with this program.

Call us at 314-757-0214 to schedule your free trial.

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