Adults & Teen Martial Arts Classes & Training Programs

Teen and Adult Martial Arts Classes

Is there something missing in your life? After a long day at school or work , something just seems to be missing.

Don’t want to go to a gym and compete with the other people there?

At Martial Arts Training Academy, we can give you an environment that encourages you to get both mentally and physically in shape without all that competing.

Martial Arts are a great release for stress and will give you something you can be a part of now, and as long as you live.

Men and women ages 13 and up, of any experience level are welcome.

At MATA St. Louis, we help the student better develop themselves through exercise and training. We work on endurance levels and personal strengthening in order to maximize the outcome of our training programs.

Basic karate techniques are taught as a foundation for this program. Once these skills are more developed, movement is added for balance and coordination.

Self defense skills are taught and practiced for more real life situations.

Weapons are taught and developed more with the adults than they are with children.

With most other forms of exercise, adults really have little to show for their time, but at MATA, your time could reward you with the knowledge and skills of a Black belt.

Classes are Tues. and Fri. from 7 – 8:30p.m. with no contracts or testing fees.

Call us for free trial class :: 314-757-0214


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